Diamond Sourcing

Caroline Renae Jewelry procures the majority of its diamonds directly from suppliers that manufacture rough diamonds. Most polished diamonds originate from Canada, South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. All polished, mined diamonds sold by us comply with the World Diamond Council System of Warranties and the Kimberly Process, which ensures rough diamonds are
exported and imported with a government-validated certificate stating the diamonds are conflict-free.

Our diamonds meet the following procurement standards:

  • Transported between signatory countries in a sealed, tamper-proof container.
  • Sold with a statement from the seller on all invoices guaranteeing the diamonds sold are conflict-free.
  • Both our lab grown and natural diamonds are inspected by a world-renowned lab prior to shipment. Our supplier has robust in-house screening stations which test all incoming and outgoing loose and mounted diamonds.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for undisclosed lab grown diamonds.
  • We work with a supplier who maintains an ongoing environmental consciousness and fair trade awareness in their manufacturing processes and in the lives of all of their associates.
  • Our supplier is certified by the Responsible Jewellry Council. The Responsible Jewellry Council is an international body, headquartered in London, that certifies fine jewelry product manufacturers and suppliers for responsible ethical, social, and environmental practices throughout their operations.